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Recruit AI

Match People with Jobs

Recruit AI is a world-class matching engine for recruitment agencies and HR organisations.

Automate the shortlisting of candidates consistently, accurately, and quickly, saving you time and money and taking the pain out of matching candidates with jobs.

Recruitment & HR Organizations

Match candidates using the entire job description
Reduce candidate screening times by 75%
Free up your recruiters to focus on relationships
Automate research with our AI alert bots

Our Technology

AI–powered intelligent shortlisting and search

Recruit AI is software that uses your existing resume database to learn, it can integrate directly with your ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The software automates the shortlisting of candidates accurately and quickly. Deploy a consistent matching methodology throughout the organization, from the most experienced recruiters to the most junior.

Instantly match all resumes and Job descriptions

Recruit AI can intelligently compare millions of documents in milliseconds, the AI has learned from your data and uncovered the relationships between candidates and job requirements. Never miss a match again due to bad keywords or misused booleans.

Integrates with your Applicant Tracking System

Recruit AI can integrate seamlessly with your existing work-flow. The results appear within your existing candidate and job screens. There is no new system for your recruiters to learn and no lengthy integration project to get up and running.


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Recruit AI

About Us

Our software began within ITCS Group – a recruitment and staffing company servicing many of the worlds largest organizations

They needed a better way to find the right staff for their clients – and so Recruit AI was born. After a year of research and development, we deployed the product within the organization. We worked with the recruiters directly to perfect the AI and automate candidate screening and matching.

The Team

Daniel Kolbe
Managing Director

Benjamin Smith
Managing Director

Ronn Fresdorf
Managing Director

Joey Wan
Business Development Manager